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Who are we?

Walla Walla Environmental is a certified Women Owned business.  The company was founded in the 1980’s after introducing the first-ever insecticide and mildewcide paint additives to the DIY industry.  


Years later,  the company expanded their presence into the corrugated box industry in order to bring their expertise in mold, bacteria, and fungus to help them solve problems.


For the past 40 years the company has remained the leading manufacturer of chemicals, additives, and equipment for waste treatment, and to the DIY industry


In July 2020, Walla Walla Environmental raised the cleaning bar in their pursuit to create a non-toxic, chemical-free disinfectant for hard surfaces and  began manufacturing a pure Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) surface disinfectant .  


Defense Pro Surface Disinfectant is an EPA-registered cleaner and is an ideal extension to the product line.


EPA Reg. No.:  93392-47332

EPA Est. No.:   47332-WA-01

What we believe
We believe no one should be left defenseless, and we pride ourselves on forward thinking.  The  Defense product line has pushed us to create new products that allow people to live a clean healthy life.  

Transforming earth’s most natural solvent – WATER

into a powerful disinfectant.

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